Is the Lack of SOA Talent Killing Cloud Computing?

Understand the Value of SOA or Fail

There is the thought about cloud computing to be this wonderful innovation that will solve all of world’s IT issues. The truth is that you’re still doing computing. You’re still keeping stuff, still processing stuff, still placing info in databases. This means– Dare I say it?– you have to put some architectural forethought around cloud computing.

The absence of an architecture– normally, the lack of a SOA– is a certainty for failure on the planet of cloud computing. An architecture offers the structure needed to harmonize your existing venture IT assets with the emerging world of cloud computing. Many who take advantage of clouds, PaaS, IaaS, or SaaS, understand the predicament and rapidly turn to basic architecture and planning … only to find that those ‘in the know’ are nowhere to be discovered.

Excellent SOA architects are a rare species. The trend is to take advantage of whatever the next magical and hyped technology is in the hopes that nobody will see that the existing architecture is a big mess, and the addition of cloud computing resources will just make it messier.

Making issues worse are the varieties of SOA innovation vendors who have incorrectly position their technology as “cloud computing innovation,” when they ought to be concentrated on SOA to bring about successful cloud computing. There is a substantial distinction. This supplier hype has actually just contributed to confusion around both the ideas of cloud computing and SOA. Throwing innovation at problems that actually require stronger architectural thinking and designing from the start.

Skilled SOA are bound to increase as cloud computing explodes.

Skilled SOA