Cloud Networking and Network Services

Cloud Networking Solutions and Cloud Network Services

My Business Savings Are In The Cloud

When I started my accounting and consulting business, I was fresh out of grad school and just looking to get some supplemental income on evenings and weekends in addition to my full-time work at the firm that hired me. Little did I know that my small business would explode into success while the firm that hired me went under.

I wound up hiring a bunch of people I used to work with, and delightfully, I got to hire a few that I used to work for. We now have offices in twelve cities across four states, and that has meant we take any shortcut we can to streamline operations and cut costs. Using both cloud networking solutions and cloud network services lets us do both.

Our employees are constantly on the go, often visiting client offices and locations, and working from there, so cloud network services let them have access to our programs, communication utilities, and databases from wherever they are with their laptops. They can even log in online from any Internet capable device.

cloud networking

Our cloud networking services also help us out with our clients, as many of them need to drop our files for accounting records, bookkeeping documents, and all things tax related. In cases where our accountants are not visiting clients physically, we do our work with them over the Internet, and our cloud services keep connections consistent and secure.

One of the interesting things about our cloud networking solutions is how they aren’t affected too much when the connections are satellite instead of land-based broadband. A surprise niche for us has been oil rigs and cruise ships out at sea, helping employees out there do their taxes while at sea. Obviously, we don’t visit those locations in person, but the right cloud network services make us available to them.

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