What is Cloud Computing

How Does Cloud Computing Work | Cloud Computing Basics

Find out how Cloud Computing works. What is cloud computing in simple terms? Understanding cloud computing for dummies.

Cloud computing is not just a fad that has everyone talking about. As it seems, it is here to stay, bringing with it a computer systems environment reminiscent of the 1970s and 80s. In the 1970s and 80s, companies that need to run software that required heavy computing powers had to hire computing services from companies providing mainframe computing services. Basically, this is what cloud computing is all about, except in a larger global scale. Cloud computing uses the same ideology, expect that the computing services in question are connected to the internet and not just a network thus giving many companies, individuals, and organizations an opportunity to access the services from anywhere in the world.

Understanding Cloud Computing Architecture

Cloud computing architecture is notoriously very difficult to understand. However, you can better understand it as well as learn how it works by simply understanding the main parts of the system. Consider the system as layers. Therefore, in cloud computing, there are two main layers to understand:

The front end layer– this is the part of the system where the users of the cloud services gain access to the server.

The back end layer – this is the part of the system where the computing services handled. The back end is a network of high-end and powerful servers which are capable of handling a great deal of computing.

what is cloud computing

The internet forms the basic means of communication between the front and back end layer of the system. Therefore, users can access cloud computing products such Platform as a Service, Software as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service on demand.

Additionally, the system architecture negates the processing needs of the end users’ device and skews these functions to the back end layer of the system. This reduces the need for users to have powerful machines. Therefore, the company only needs to be able to run a front-end access application, which can be something as basic as a browser.

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