Cloud Service Providers

Top Cloud Infrastructure Providers & Cloud Service Providers

When talking about the cloud it seems no two people will be thinking of the same products. People usually associate what they use the cloud for as their point of reference. So, an employee might think of running their music off an Internet server as cloud computing while the people managing application development will think of the anticipation of testing new software. The same differentiation needs to be made when talking about cloud computing for businesses in general.

There are three types of cloud computing, based upon their function. They are Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, PaaS, and Saas. The IaaS providers have been shrinking, making room only for the top providers where companies need infrastructure support in the cloud. AWS has the largest market share, and capacity overall compared to the nearest competitor. It is great for general applications, but you may want to search elsewhere if you need support for complex applications. Microsoft Azure also makes the cut too.

Google Cloud offers up both IaaS and PaaS and is recommended for its batch computing. Softlayer, meanwhile, is a favorite for its general business computing. It features API and scalable framework. It does the job where compliance and software licensing will play a role.  

Cloud Service Providers

Check out Rackspace for virtual cloud service providers. The public cloud includes hosted private services, VMware virtual and Microsoft based OpenStack or HyperV.

For cloud data storage, turn to CSC for the VMware service that is provided for a private cloud. Cloud hosting from Dimension Data works best for companies that are spread out the world over.

Always focus on the function first. Will it be used for application development, and does your company have to stick to regulatory compliance rules to stay in business as well? Then you need to take a look at this list.

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