Cloud Server Providers

What is Cloud Computing What  are Cloud-Based Services

If you are tired of hearing about the cloud but have no idea what it is, this article is for you. For the home computer user, the cloud represents a way for people to take it with them wherever they go. For instance, imagine getting a Google email account, and wanting to save documents within the email. Well, as it turns out Google Drive is just such an idea, but with a built-in office suite.

Users connect to their email as well as their Google (Cloud) Drive via Google’s servers. That’s the basic concept of a cloud and cloud computing. In addition, expand it to include music and books. Say you leave for vacation, and decide to leave your desktop computer at home. Sounds reasonable.

Google took cloud computing to the next step when it developed its Chromebook, which runs off of a Linux operating system. It is stable, boots within seconds and the cloud computers are a couple hundred dollars. When they break, simply buy another and jump back into your accounts. 

Yet, you can still log into your Kindle account via Amazon Cloud to get to your library of electronic books. It makes portability possible. Use a Nook or a Kindle reader or even a tablet touch-screen computer to read all your books.

Cloud Server Providers

Business Use Of The Cloud

Businesses increasingly are getting on board with cloud computing. Though their needs go beyond just wanting to access electronic media, photos, and email. It is more than saving a resume to the Google Drive either.

Different organizations from startups who are developing software applications and law offices may all use the cloud. For the software developers, the ease of the cloud makes a separate interface that will not interfere with day-to-day computing operations. The law firm enjoys offsite, secure and regulatory compliant storage of files and data.

Companies use the cloud to take the place of expensive maintenance, server equipment, and IT personnel. Subscribing to the cloud allows all kinds of operating systems, accessibility, software, and hardware to be available to businesses.

That is the cloud in a nutshell. It is fluid and promises a lot of affordable computing for people into the future.

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