Computing Virtualization

Virtualization and Cloud Computing | Virtual Cloud Computing

The term virtual cloud computing carries two separate but beneficial components with it. Read on to find out how both may benefit your business.

Virtualization Software Capabilities

Have you ever had to upgrade software? That part can be time-consuming as it may involve upgrading individual computers and re-training employees. More so, these days, the cost is associated more with servers, operating systems, and well, the cost of the human capital — engineers and IT professionals — to make the upgrades. After all, someone has to babysit the software and machines.

Businesses make the most of the best technology by subscribing to a virtual network to handle server maintenance, access, operating systems and software updates. It costs a lot less and anytime the company needs to upgrade to more space or downgrade to less, they can do that. With in-house servers and IT employees, it would involve layoffs, paying benefits, salaries, and buying and repairing servers.

Computing Virtualization

Cloud Computing Benefits

Back in the day, there may have been a whole separate IT staff to handle backups of data and just information management as a whole. Making tape backups was a part of the routine and companies that needed a trail of their work and proprietary information and work progress were smart to keep backups of their information.

Virtual computing runs employee computers while the cloud allows this to happen remotely thanks to the Internet. It is available as needed by anyone who has access. This means that cloud access can change as a business’s needs change.

If a company adds extra staff building up for holiday sales, they would provide limited access for a specified period of time. Because of the cloud access, workers can stay at home and have remote access during the term of their work. After that, it gets shut off.

There are benefits to virtual and cloud computing. Businesses are fortunate these days because each of these can be scaled and customized to suit a business’s unique needs.

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