Big Consulting Missing the Cloud Computing and SOA Links

Cloud Consulting can be an Amusing Occupation

You need to continue to be relevant, so you tend to follow the buzz and follow the group. Cloud computing is the next big thing, and a number of the bigger consulting companies is chasing cloud computing as fast as they can.

However, many are not chasing after cloud computing properly, missing out on a ton of the architectural benefits. Rather they are just tossing things from their business onto exclusive and public clouds and hoping for the best. Making things worse, so many of the bigger enterprise customers do not see through the confusion, or in this case the architecture with the clouds. So, you have both parties taking a reactive rather than a proactive approach to the cloud.

Are you getting the architectural context supporting the use of cloud computing. Or, the ability to produce a total strategic plan and architectural structure, and then taking a look at how cloud computing fits into this framework now, and into the future. Typically that suggests leveraging SOA techniques and patterns.

That message appears to fall on closed ears these days, and the majority of those closed ears seem to be connected to seeking advice from companies that they trust to take their IT to the next level. The end result will be failed cloud computing projects, with the blame being put on the innovation. It’s really the lack of strategic planning and architecture that’s at the heart of the problem.

The concept of SOA, as associated with cloud computing is basic. You have to comprehend the existing and future state architecture before you start picking platforms and technology, including cloud computing. When you have that deeper understanding its fairly simple to find out where SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS come into play, or not. In addition, producing a road map for implementation and migration with time, typically a 3 to 5 year horizon.

Take a deep look at your needs and get an expert to design the architecture before purchasing the apps.

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